I tend to lean toward abstraction in just about everything I do. I like finding the essence of a thing and representing it with only those words, lines, curves, colors, or angles which most excellently and succinctly express it. In the past, I found that when I get too detailed, I go back over what I’ve done so much that I ruin it and never feel satisfied with the end result. I wanted to change the way I created art, as well as the art I created, so I started drawing with Sharpie markers.

Now, Sharpie markers may seem like an odd medium to work in, but I love them. I love the permanence and the thickness. I love the solid lines and curves and angles. I love that I can’t go back and erase or change anything, that what comes is what comes and the only thing I can do is add to what’s already there. It’s like life. Once we draw a line or make a choice, we can’t go back and erase it but we can find ways to add to it, alter it, change it, and make it work for us.

I also work in acrylic, soft pastels, digital photography, and computer arts. I like to find ways to create a fusion both between the different mediums I work in and between different art forms in general.

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