Marie Starr

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A bit about me. Let’s see…

I’m all about finding wisdom anywhere I can… whatever, wherever, whenever. “Disturb the comfortable; Comfort the disturbed,” is a bit of wisdom I gleaned from a bumper sticker (bumper stickers can be very wise) and have applied to my life ever since. You’d be surprised how many random bits of wisdom can be found in casual conversations or misheard mumbles, on bumper stickers or bathroom walls.

Also, questions… I am searching for questions… much more so than answers. I’ve decided there are already too many answers (read as: too much willful ignorance) and not enough questions (read as: not enough wonder).

I focus on the edges of invisibility. On things we tend not to acknowledge, pretend not to know about, or defend till the end. Those taboo subjects. Those things we don’t bring up in polite conversation. Those dark corners we’d rather leave dark.

I also try to find ways to make the personal universal, without becoming confessional. Ways to take those singular moments in our days that hit us with such force that we know something has shifted. Ways to take all those moments throughout our lives that seem chaotic and random and find places where they meet. Ways to highlight the serendipity that is at play in all our lives.

Currently, I’m working on a series of short poems, putting together a cd of spoken word with Hip-Hop beats, and finding creative ways to make a living. I’m interested in the ways different forms of art can intersect, complement, and clarify each other.

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