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  1. Hi Marie,

    I am an M.A. student at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. I am originally from Ohio. I applied to Masters programs in both Fine Arts and Theology, being content with God making the choice for me. God choose Theology, so I came to Rochester. I would like to meet with you and discuss a project; editing, publishing etc. of a completed manuscript of poeticly based writings. The writings are to, for and about women. I have been able to detach myself and look objectively at the work and I am still impressed. I hope you will be also. I look forward to talking to you.


  2. Dear Marie, I am working at Literacy Volunteers of Ontario County. Our program works with adult learners who are working on goals to improve their basic and English literacy skills. Don Stevens sent me your contact information. We had participated at the Poetry Festival this year having a table set up with literature about our program. My co-worker and I enjoyed the readings and we were especially impressed by a young poet named Ethic who recited his poetry in rap-style. Each year we have a Student/Tutor brunch and this year our theme is Poetry. Our tutors are working with their students and some are writing poems that they may want to share at the brunch. Each year, we have a guest presenter and we thought that Ethic would be a person that would relate to our audience. Would it be possible for you to share his contact information with me, or if you feel that it would be more appropriate for you to share this email with him, then he could decide if he wanted to contact us directly. Any information you can provide is most appreciated. I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. Sincerely, Mary Murphy, Student/Tutor Coordinator, Literacy Volunteers of Ontario County, 208 S. Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424 585-396-1686

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