Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is a compilation of my 3 main interests: Writing, Art & Photography.  

Writing: Serendipity Press is a small press I run. Books published so far include: At Least a Thousand Reasons, a consciousness-raising journal for teenage girls; Tomorrow at Nine, an illustrated poem; and The Earth is Full of Earth (originally titled Rejecting Juripari), a book-length collection of poetry.

I have also published two chapbooks by local poets: Man Woman Child, by Joe St. Martin and Kissings of Possibility, by Matt Shackelford. Upcoming publications include collections of local poet, Nanette Hiller’s work and further work of Marie Starr, including a collection of poems written for the Pure Kona Open Mic title Pure Soma and a collection of short poems titled Alive Eyes Wave.

I do all the layout, cutting, printing, and binding and work with the authors to determine formatting, font, style, materials, design, and possible cover and interior art.  I also offer typing, proofreading & editing services in conjunction with the publication process or separately.

Art: This is my artwork, which consists mostly of drawings done in Sharpie marker and often altered in Photoshop. I am completely addicted to Sharpies, though I love to paint as well. This also includes jewelry made by two of my four sisters. One works with beads & stones with wire-wrapping and the other does metal work.

Photography: This is all me. My unending obsession with the world of digital cameras and the fabulous Photoshop. Altered & unaltered photographs of mine have been used as covers for Haz Mat Literary Magazine, Common Intuitions: Women Celbrating Women Anthology 2005, Posters, CD Covers, Gig Shots, & internet usage, as well as being on display at the Flatiron Cafe in Rochester, the Blue Dahlia Coffee House in Canandaigua, and Books, ETC. in Macedon.

3 thoughts on “Serendipity 3”

  1. Hi Marie,
    How do I get ahold of you? No phone number anywhere I look! Are you really in business?
    I have a semi-finished typewritten manuscript of a book that needs: re-typing, re-formatting,editing and proof reading. Can you help me and if so how do you charge? Can I get a rough estimate?

    Please call me at 585-880-5712 or e-mail me at

    Thank you,


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